Front End Engineering Design

Electrical Design And Specification

System design should be considered at the preliminary stage of the project. Network operators are interested in how the generation will be connected to their network and they always request a single line diagram. This is a preliminary design done without carrying out studies and is subject to change during detailed design.
Once a grid connection capacity is secured, the design phase of the project may commence to determine a cost-effective solution for the project. At this stage ADTEK’s design team will help to deliver a capital cost-saving design for the site and meet the specification for works that will be adopted by the network operator. The choice of equipment for generation depends on factors which determine capital cost, lead time and credibility of the whole project. Our team has a wealth of experience on HV and EHV equipment that meets different sizes of generation and utilities network / substation requirements.

Design Package

ADTEK offers a series of electrical design packages, including:
  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design
  • Earthing system design
  • Substation design
  • Protection system
  • Functionality specification
  • Tender specification and procurement