Hydro Power System

Hydro Energy

This is the oldest of the approaches and the one that contributes the most of all renewables to current electricity supply. It basically converts the potential energy of a body of water into mechanical power and then to electrical power.
Interest in Hydro energy has been renewed in recent years as a result of the new UK and EU targets for reduction of Carbon emission and also the introduction of incentives like Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and Feed-In Tariff scheme (FITs).
Adtek can provide the following services to help in the development the of hydropower
  • Desktop Feasibility Studies
  • Grid Connection Budget Estimates
  • High Level Grid Integration Studies
  • Detailed Grid Integration Studies
  • Transmission and Distribution Connection Application
  • Technical and Commercial Review Of Grid Connection Offer
  • Network Operator Liaison
  • Independent Connection Provider Liaison
  • Electrical Equipment Specification
  • Front-End Engineering Design
  • Electrical Studies (P28, P2/6, Earthing Design, Protection)
  • Commercial and Regulatory Services (Use Of System Charges)
  • Due Diligence Services for investors and Lenders Including Financial, Technical, Legal And Commercial
  • System Costing And Economic Assessments
  • Tender Appraisal
  • O&M Documentation
  • Grid Code Compliance Test
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning