Grid Connection

Initial Site Assessment

Initial site assessment is site-specific high level initial site assessment is designed for developers with single or multiple sites. The assessment will advise clients about technical challenges that could affect grid connection of their generation, available grid connection points and the associated cost. This assessment is useful when shortlisting generation sites for further consideration.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are site-specific advance studies that detail initial connection options and likely costs for grid connection. The studies also highlight potential electrical challenges and conclude with technical recommendations for the developers. Our engineers have wide knowledge of the electricity network system and have completed studies for more than 20GW of renewable generation projects. We provide independent, accurate and comprehensive studies.

Grid Connection Application

Developers will need to secure grid capacity for their generation after a grid connection solution has been established. This involves accepting an offer of terms for connection from an appropriate network operator. A grid connection application requires completion of a standard application form (applicable to the size of the generation), supporting documents acceptable by the network operator and the ability to liaise with network operators on technical issues. ADTEK’s consulting team has reputable and in-depth experience of working with distribution and transmission network operators on behalf of clients to ensure the application meets their requirement.

Review Of Grid Connection Offer

ADTEK offers a review of technical, commercial and regulatory terms to ensure clients understand a grid connection offer. An offer for connection is a complex document with technical, commercial and regulatory terms. It is essential that developers understand the document before accepting an offer. Our consultants have a proven record of negotiating connection offers on behalf of our clients with network operators. Negotiations often make the project feasible due to a reduction in the cost of grid connection or changes to the project timescale.